Email Coaching

Get the tools and support you need to make changes, even if you can’t do in-person sessions

What Email Coaching Is


As with any service, through email coaching I will be your guide to help you reduce your stress and overwhelm and teach you how to improve the behavior, moods, and attitudes in your family.

Email coaching is a STRUCTURED program where we set goals, I suggest action to take, and you take that action. I will also provide accountability to ensure that you are making progress. 

How It Works

First, we will begin with a live initial session. (It helps to meet live at least once.)


Then we will:

Choose a Topic to Address

 To prevent overwhelm and help you see success, we will focus on one topic at a time. (See a list of common topics below.) Topics usually take about a month to complete.

Create an Action Plan Each Week

Each week I will suggest specific action for you to take (I’ll tell you what to say and do!) so that you know what to work on to make progress toward your goals. 

Check in and Modify Strategy

At least one time during the week I will check in with you to see how things are going and to offer suggestions for modifying your plan if needed. 

What You Will Learn How To Do

Feel Less Depleted


Find More Energy

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Learn the specific reasons you feel emotionally drained and depleted… and take clear steps to gain the energy you need to give you and your children what you need to thrive.


Be More Calm & Patient

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Recognize what prevents you from feeling more calm and in control. Make specific plans for how to handle your triggers so that they don’t determine your moods or behavior. 


Find More Time

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Together we’ll build a personalized time-management system that will allow you to fit what really matters to you (plus all of the tasks that may not matter as much … but have to get done anyway!). 


Address Other Relationships

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Stress from other relationships in your life (with your spouse, in-laws, colleagues, or even friends!) can drain your energy. Learn how to navigate other complicated relationships so you have energy left for the people who need you.  


Manage Your Fears

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Understand your fears and how they are are preventing you from being the parent you want to be. Learn strategies for conquering your worries so you can feel confident and in control. 

Improve Kids’ Behavior and Moods


How to Get Kids to Listen / Fostering Internal Motivation

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Understand why your kids aren’t listening (it’s not the reason you think!), what you can do to motivate more cooperation in the moment…and how to foster long-term internal motivation. 


Handling Tantrums and Big Emotions

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You’ll learn how to help children regulate their emotions so they can handle the inevitable challenges they will face in life. 


Handling Aggressive and Disrespectful Behavior

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Teach your children how handle conflict, frustration, and disappointment in a more responsible and respectful way. 


Supporting Your Child With Anxiety

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Help your child navigate situations that currently cause them stress. Teach them the tools they need to be resilient throughout their lifetime. 


Improving Your Child's Self-Esteem

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Learn the tools you need to help your child believe in and love themselves… and it has nothing to do with praise or compliments!


Raising Siblings Who Get Along

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Reduce the constant bickering, comparing, and competing between siblings… and learn how to foster loving relationships that will last a lifetime. 

The Details

HOW WE COMMUNICATE: Email. My emails to you may include an audio/video explanation. (Sometimes it’s easier for me to explain something by talking than by writing!)  

HOW OFTEN: I’ll be reaching out twice a week by email — once to set goals and once to check how things are going and make suggestions

HOW LONG WE WORK TOGETHER:  How long we work together depends on how many topics you want to address. Topics are listed above, or you may choose others. 

HOW MUCH: $100 per month of personalized action steps and support to help you improve the behavior, dynamics, and energy in your home. (Add a live 45-minute session each month for $100.)

SCHEDULE: Schedule your initial session here. Details of email coaching will be discussed during our session. 



Getting Started is Easy


Have an Initial Meeting

During the initial session (which may be online), I’ll learn more about you so I can support you most effectively!

Email Coaching Begins

After our session, I will send you the first part of the program by email. 

Contact Me

Ask a question or request an appointment below. 

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