Handling Your Child’s Dramatic Behavior and Big Emotions:
The Long-Term Solution

Join Long-Term Parenting Expert Rachel Bailey for this live class to discover the step-by-step process for reducing the the drama in your home.
Plus, learn how to build your child’s long-term resilience so they can handle life now
… and in the future.

What You’ll Learn Over 4 Weeks:

How to teach kids the tools they need to handle disappointment and frustration.

The exact phrases to use to help children calm down in the moment when they’re melting down. 

What to say and do to build your child’s overall resilience so they don’t act so dramatic in the first place.

How to teach your child to be more positive so they actually enjoy experiences instead of complaining about them.

Since we’ve taken your class, It is so much calmer in our home now. And it’s not just because my son knows how to handle things better… We know how to handle them better too. 

P.T., mom of 3

The “Handling Your Child’s Big Emotions” live class will be starting soon!

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