OK, It’s time for some honesty.

I’m going to tell you who I REALLY am.

I spent most of my life:

… trying my best to follow the rules and do the right thing.
… working my butt off — and most of the time, my efforts paid off.
… spending a lot of time and energy making other people happy (sometimes — OK, usually— at my expense).
… feeling pretty confident that I could be successful, as long as I knew what I was supposed to do. As long as there were rules to follow, I would succeed.


And I knew that when it came to parenting, I’d put a tremendous amount of pressure on myself to “get it right.”

But it turns out (ugh!) that there is no “right way” to parent. There are no rules to follow. Or maybe there are too many.

I knew I was supposed to trust my instinct, but I had spent so much much of my life following the rules… that I wasn’t sure what “my way” was.

I knew how I didn’t want to parent, but I wasn’t sure how I did want to parent.

I was petrified that my children would suffer.

I am so grateful that I found a solution.