The 3-Session Class for Stressed-Out Parents

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You know you want more calm and joy in your home.

You know you want to parent more positively.


But you’re exhausted, overwhelmed, and wondering how you will ever find the time or energy to make a change in your home.

The 3 Session Class for Stressed-Out Parents is a low-cost, efficient and convenient class will focus on one behavior at a time and one stress-free strategy at a time… in a way that fits your lifestyle.

Based on the Parenting by Deposit Solution, this service was created in response to my commitment to:

  • teach parents hands-on, practical tools for raising responsible, confident children.
  • provide solutions that create LESS STRESS and put LESS PRESSURE on parents.
  • offer services that are financially accessible to as many people as possible.


The 3-Session Class for Stressed-Out Parents

  • In this class, we will take a deep dive into a specific behavior or topic that is negatively impacting your home.
  • Each of the 3 90-minute sessions will focus on an actionable solution that will help you reduce or change that behavior.
  • At the end of the 3 weeks, you will have a concrete plan for handling that behavior or topic that lasts way beyond the end of our time together.

Why All Classes Are 3 Sessions Long

  • You’re stressed and busy, right? Do you want to commit to a class that is longer than 3 sessions? Besides, it’s nice to know that there is an end in sight.
  • These classes are short and sweet so that you can remain focused without becoming overwhelmed. (Don’t you usually lose your excitement/momentum after a little while anyway?)
  • At the same time, 3 sessions give us plenty of time to take a deep dive into one particular behavior/topic from 3 different angles so that you can become an “expert” on that topic.


How It Works

3-session courses may be taken online at your own pace, or you may request a live version of the class.

  • Self-paced online courses are can be purchased immediately on the Products page of this site.
    • You will receive one session per week via email for 3 weeks in a row.
    • Each sessions is composed of a video (that is less than an hour long) + an Action Guide you can use to follow along and create YOUR personalized plan
    • Each class includes a lesson, simple tips, examples of what these tips look like, and exercises that help you practice these tips and apply them to your life.
    • By the end of the self-paced course, you will walk away with a personalized plan for handling the behavior/topic in your home that is realistic for your lifestyle and your family.
  • Live classes can be requested by parents, groups, or organizations. Topics may be chosen from the list below, or other classes may be created for you.
    • Classes are composed of 3 90-minute sessions.
    • Before the class, I will gather information about each member (ages of children, needs, etc.) in order to individualize the instruction and exercises to the group members.
    • We meet in person or online (using a conferencing software called Zoom, which creates an online classroom environment).
    • Each class includes instruction, experiential exercises, discussion, and strategy creation. You will receive a workbook that will guide you through all parts of the class.
    • By the end of the class, you will walk away with a personalized plan for handling the behavior/topic in your home that is realistic for your lifestyle and your family.

The Cost

  • All self-paced online courses are $150. (That’s $50 for each 90-minute session, compared with a rate of $150 for one private 60-minute session with me.)
  • Live courses are also $150 per participant if the topic you choose is a class I’ve already created. If you want me to create a class based on a new topic, the fee is $200 per participant. Spouses are considered one participant.


Everyone who participates in 3-session courses (whether self-paced or live) will receive access to the private “Solutions for Stressed-Out Parents” Facebook group.

In this unique community, I will answer your personal questions, offer free bonuses, provide an opportunity for you to do some anonymous stress-dumping. As a group, we will be real about our parenting journey and swap stress-free tips.

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Examples of 3-Session Class Topics

Getting Kids Out of the House in the Morning

Handling Bedtime Challenges

The End of Homework Battles

Reducing Sibling Bickering

Helping Anxious and Perfectionist Children

Motivating the Child Who Doesn’t Care

Raising Children With Positive Self-Esteem in a High-Stress Culture

Encouraging Children to Meet Their Potential Without Over-Pressuring

The Solution for Being an Effective Parent, Even When You’re Stressed and Tired

Parenting When You and Your Spouse (or Ex) Aren’t On the Same Page

Staying Calm When Your Kids Push Your Buttons

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Get ready to learn guilt-free, stress-free solutions so that you can enjoy (rather than dread) time with your family.

I look forward to seeing you there!