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What is your definition of a perfect parent?
What is the right way to raise your child?
What if your beliefs about how to raise a confident, responsible child aren’t true?
What if perfect parenting isn’t about trying so hard to get your child to listen to you?
Because it can be about teaching children to respect themselves so that they want to make healthy choices — even when you aren’t around to remind them.
What if perfect parenting isn’t about finding the right thing to say to change your child’s behavior?
Because it can be about giving them tools to handle discomfort so that they can make responsible decisions — even when it doesn’t feel good in the moment.
What if perfect parenting isn’t about doing everything the right way?
Because you can be confident in yourself as a parent, even when you “mess up.”


I’m Rachel Bailey, and I want to tell you that the perfect parent doesn’t exist.

In fact, working so hard to be a perfect parent is the opposite of what it takes to raise a confident, self-reliant, happy child.

Let’s Redefine Perfect Parenting so that you can raise great kids — without expecting perfection from yourself or from them.


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